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I'm Pissed off at Newgrounds!!

2009-03-25 19:26:06 by GreGorGeo

When you upload a song on NG, the first one you submit must be approved. I have created many songs recently that are relatively entertaining. I have uploaded a couple songs last weekend that have yet to be approved. At first I was okay with it, for the fact that they get hundreds of uploads everyday. But this is absurd. It's been how many days now and yet NO RESPONSE AT ALL? They said it was going to be a so called "Quick Process". I want to upload my music but they will not respond and I'm getting kind of fucking pissed.

I'm Pissed off at Newgrounds!!


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2009-03-25 19:29:16

Ya...they need to upload your music soon. We tried uploading them like a week ago.


2009-03-25 19:31:30

The Audio Portal is depressingly neglected at times, your best bet would be to PM one of the Audio Mods about it. Try Rig or Rucklo, they're the only two Audio Mods I know about.


2009-03-25 19:58:34

Call Rig. He'll save the day again. RIGGG POWER!


2009-03-25 20:03:04

That's probably because you didn't really make them.

GreGorGeo responds:

I did make them. I wouldn't be a dumbass and submit something that everyone knows I didn't make.


2009-03-25 21:25:36